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Hi felas, sorry lately I'm too busy to post, so now it's time to post.. :)
I got bad and good news, Which would you like to hear first ??? :P
Ok, I'll start from the bad news, the bad news is, On the 4th June, I'm having my first operation for my tooth, it's extremely scary that I cry during the operation, what a shame on me, but I'm extremely scared of it..
Till now, I can't eat normally, I suffer a lot after the operation and I hate it, totally hate it !!!

The good news is just passing the examination, and I'm gonna sleep over to every friends house..
That would be FUN !! 

Oh yeah, I'm totally in love with many things, I want many things and I hope for many things..
1. Cute cameras

Those cameras drove me insane..
2. Apple (not the real apple)

All apples are COOL !!!
3. Dress

Dress dress dress everywhere, just making my saliva drop
4. Shoes

Shoes is one of requirement for me
5. Candies

Candies may destroy your teeth but candies may make you die for it
6. Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits is good for your health
7. Guitars

Guitar is part of music
8. Androids
Totally in love with it
9. Ice scream

I'll die for Ice scream
10. Roses

I'm dying for those things.. :D

G2G, ciao
Gbu always
*Special for him, I love you


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