Sometimes.. / 0 comments (+)
Hey, long time no blogging since there's problems inside of me.. :)
Actually I got no topic to talk, but I try write it 1st, who knows there're ideas coming out from my mind.. :)

I just think,
Sometimes we need fresh air
Sometimes we need to go out.
Sometimes we need to stay home
Sometimes we need to smile
Sometimes we need to morose
Sometimes we need to laugh
Sometimes we need to cry out loud
Sometimes we need to be naughty
Sometimes we need to stay calm
Sometimes we need freedom
Sometimes we need cage
But Every time we need LOVE..

Talking bout that, I hope you can know how I feel.. :)
But thanks for support from all of my friends..
I love you guys..
It doesn't mean that I break with my boyfriend, it's just there's to many problems in my life now..
Till I'm not in mood to type, need your support too..
C Ya.. :)

If you have a problem..
Don't ever say,
"Oh God, I have a BIG problem"
But you must say,
"Hey Problem, I have a BIG God"

Everyone will get a problem, me too of course..
But what to do is not leaving 'em because you think you dun wanna think bout 'em.
Problems must be solve, if the problem's solve, you'll be lil bit composed although sometimes it's hurt..
You must fight, problems that come to you is not from God, it is from the demon who wants you to fell into temptation, so that's why you must fight all the problems that come..
And His plans are precious by His time, all you have to do is try your BEST and God will do the REST..

Madre Feliz Cumpleaños.. :) / 0 comments (+)
Hey, today's my mom birthday.. :)
See, up there is my mom's birthday cake, since it wasn't a cake so I call it birthday dinner..
Hahahaha, last night we went to Ayam Ulakan and we got there to eat, it's our family celebration for my mom, and today, my mom's friend, order her the dinner up there for us..
It's to much for just 5 of us, but it's okay, the rest of it, we'll keep for our supply tomorrow.. :)
Last night too, I made a card for my mom, I'm like busying finding what to draw for it, nah it's not as good as you guys are wandering.. :)

Lately, during MID semestral test, I'm not studying at all, I'm just letting myself busy by watching movie marathon of 'Vampire Diaries', it droves me insane, cause it's rawkin good, the whole movie is great, and I dun wanna skip any second of it.. :) The movie is totally great !!! :)

Yeah, talk about blog, gonna tell ya sometin', be careful who you know, cause there's a COPYCAT around you.. :)
For the Copycatter, just wanna say some Hi's to you and STOP COPYING OTHERS YOU BITCH !!
Ups, I'm a lil bit rude hah ???
But that's true what I've told you, do not copy my friend's blog !!
Or I'll kick you're ass..

WOW, that's sounds not me.. :)
My bad..
Okay back to the normal me here, up there just warning to all of you bloggers, to just keep aware to the copycatters and don't try to copy your friends hardworking to edit or do something in blog.. :)
The school makes me really insane, like insane insane, the MID semestral test is a non-important thing to do..
But I must concentrate on studying now, because the result in the end of this semester will determine where I'll be, in the science or social..

Ups sorry for talking to much, it's because lately I din wrote, so it's like gonna tell you what I feel lately.. :)
G2G, TTYL, c ya.
For him, I love You..

Wish List.. / 0 comments (+)

  1. Lava lamp, I really wish this lava lamp lie in my room table.. :( 
  2. New Shoes, when I'm on Facebook, I saw the online shop put many great high heels, boots and many more on their site.. :( I wish I could have one.. :(
  3. New clothes, same as the shoes, online shop on Facebook also did it.. :(
NB: All this thing is just my wishes, I'm just telling you what I want but if some of you willing to buy me one each, then I'll open my hands widely to accept it.. :)


BUSY.. :( / 0 comments (+)
Sorry ya still haven't update yet, because these days I'm very busy doing a lot of project from school..
And next Monday, is the 1st day of MID test..
Then there'll be conversation like this:
Student:  Why do we need MID test
Teacher: Because that's the rule 
Student:  (&^%^%#*&%@#@$#%^$)
Meeehh.. MID test is not important at all.. LOLz

Yeah MID test's horrible, and school is more horrible, imagine, 1 week before the MID test, the teachers still can gave us a bunch of homework.. =A="
It's extremely horrible..

Enough about school, test and blah blah blah..
Now we'll talk bout something fun.. :)
Guess what, tomorrow is holiday !!!! :D
Because it's Saturday.. =="

Hey do you guys know Ryan Higa ??? Cause you guys all MUST know him. He's my bf, I LOVE HIM. xD But for him I'm just his Fans.. :( Click HERE to know him more.. :D Enjoy..

Hey, G2G..
For Him (The Real him), I Love You..


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