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Hey felas, it’s me again here.. :)
I’ve planned to tell ya something, and now it’s the time to tell.. :D
I have a brother, lil brother, named Herald, and he’s called Yangyi (home name :D)..
He’s the most cute, kind and handsome brother. Do you know what he did for me ??
He made a bracelet made of wire, although it's just made up of small wire, but he made it with all his LOVE and he gave me.
When I feel it’s not fit on my hand, he repaired it for me and made it fit to my hand.
I love it so much, and recently realize that He loves me more than I did, I think of all the things he has done for me, and realize that he always care about me but I din.. :(
Thanks lil bro.. :) less than 3 you.. <3

And now it’s the most horrible news of all, the semesteral test is getting closer, it’s held on 23th of May that’s mean it’s held on next Monday.. D: HELL !!
I’m afraid that I can’t pass the test with good score, so pray for me ya and for my score so that I can pass with good score.

Okay, stop abusing.. :D
That’ll end my post today.. :)
Ciao, Gbu..
*Special for him, I love you.

Hello Felas, it's almost the end of May now..
And semesteral test is getting closer.. :(
Sad having it, it's the worst over all..
Okay, let's have another topic, dun like to talk bout stressing topic.. :P

Okay, here is it, bout my beloved cousins, just call her Xinmei, what I was about to tell you is that she puts me on her blog's link, and it's written there 'Inspiration', understand what I mean ???
She's telling you all that I'm her inspiration, OMO..
Glad having that cousin, love you dear.. :*
Click here to surf her blog.

Hey, forgot to tell you bout MY BIRTHDAY..
It's was AWESOME, and thanks for all my friends that were giving me presents and most thanks to my besties that gave me what I always wanted, guess what ???? LAVA LAMP..
I'm totally happy.. :)
Can't take picture of it, cause I lost my cable data.. =A=" DAMN..
Dun think bout it, it was sell somewhere, whenever I want, I can buy.. :)
And hey, my BF bought me couple ring, I'm so happy to have it.. :)
It's wonderful.. :D thanks dear.. :*

Okay, this in the end of my post today.. :)
Have a great day felas..
*Special for him, I love you :*

Hello bloggers.. :)
It's May now, let's welcome May !!!!!
Hahahaha, do you know why I'm so excited to welcome May ???
Friends do know why, because my birthday lies on May, am very happy, birthday is the most exciting event.
There gonna be so many foods on my kitchen, planning to cook Spaghetti and Nasi lemak (one of my fav Malaysian food)..
I hope there's birthday cake too, cause last year I got no.. :(
Hope there's also bunch of presents, LOL, joking, not hoping for presents, just hoping for happy life with GOD, family, friends, and boyfriend.

Well but if someone gonna give me present, then I'll accept it of course, I won't push away.
Honestly I'm hoping present from my boyfriend, but thinking bout money, he better dun spent to much money for me.
Kay, it's the end of my post now.. :)
Bye, C U
*Special for my dearest, I love you :*


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