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Happy Chinese and Lunar New Year..

Hello hello there, it's my 2nd semester here in college and seriously, i'm loving college lke so much~ i knw i sound dumb, but dun misunderstood me, it's not the study i'm loving here, i'm loving the friends..
U guys knw i cant stand being alone n do nothing, and so yea i solved my problem, i mke friends and i can just stay at college for the whole day talking, watching and hang out with my friends..

So how's ur CNY celebration???
Honestly, mine sucks, cause i wish i could just celebrate it back in my hometown, this is the first time i'm not in my hometown for CNY, so yea, it sucks.. :( plus i hv nothing to do at home on this CNY holidays, i cant go out to my friend's or family's house, cause i hv none here.. i mean lke all my college friends r going bck t their hometown, while i'm here alone.. ugh, it sucks right??? i just cant wait fr college t start again.. lols

Okay, forget about the sad things, let's move t the fun things..
Fav of the month, YAY..
okay i knw it's too late t love them now, but yea, i just love them xD
Fav serial movie: How I met your Mother & Sex in the City
Fav food: SUBWAY, like everyday subway, dun judge me.. :D
Fav drink: As usual, TEA
Fav book: I havent finish the crossfire series, but i'm on the 3rd book now - Entwined with you
And oh my gosh guys, 14th Feb is around the corner, i'll b busy mking chocolates fr my classmates and lecturers, bet it'll b fun~~ xD YAY..
So, if u have instagram, mind following me? My username is megaleinlo, and twitter too is megaleinlo :D
See u guys there

end of the post..
ciao, XOXO :*


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