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Hey fellas, how's life? :)
Back here updating my blog, yea, too busy and no topics t update, that's y i din update it till now. :P my fault

Talking bout my life here, i'm getting usual w/ it, although it's still pathetic knwing that i hve no friends around me lke i usually did.. :( but, that's life, must b a lot of obstacle..

Btw, my mom and my bf did came.. :) my mom came 1st, she arrived here at 26th March till 3rd April, we din tke picture tgether, and we din went fr walk till my bf came.. :) he arrived here at 31st March till 9th April, so my mom was still around when he arrived, we did walk t many plces after my mom leave.
Well the story starts here.. :)

The 1st day he arrived at KL, we directly went t One Utama-it's a mall, yea, imagine how tired he was aftr his journey fr one night and directly go fr walk after picking him up from airport.. :P but nvm, he's a young man, must b strong enough, we did tke him fr a walk, n we bought same tee, my mom bought fr us.. we went t eat, we ate HongKong dishes.. :9 after eating then we headed back home.

The 2nd day-it's Sunday, so at the morning we went t church, and after worshiping, we went t Tesco fr a walk n fr checking if there was a movie t watch, we did watch Hunger Games after that.. :D the movie was pretty cool :)
after watching, we headed home and watched DVDs, he bought me lke bunch of DVDs, bcause he knew I'm bored here.. LOL

The 3rd day-Monday, we din walk much, bcause my aunt was going t work, so we can't go anywhere, but then my mom's besties picked us and brought us t hve a lunch outside, although me and him did nothing, but we were quiet happy t see mom met her old friend.. :) after lunch, mum's besties sent us home. We went t Carefour after that, bcause we got nth t do.. x( so we went t walk and my aunt picked us up and went fr dinner.. :) while waiting fr mom and aunt t talked w/ their friends, me and him did took pictures, but we were using polaroid, so those picts r printed out, i need t scan t upload it.. my fault.. :(

The 4th day-Tuesday, my mom's heading back t Pontianak :'( so sad t let her go.. in the morning, i went fr tuition, so me n him din go anywhere, after tuition we just stayed home and talked t each other (since we din met fr 2 months).. noon time my aunt asked me where do i wanna go, so i decided t bring him t Pizza Hut here, since we hven't went t Pizza Hut tgether, but believe me, dun u ever eat Pizza Hut when u arrive at KL, the foods r GROSS !! eeeww. i really hated the foods. Pontianak's Pizza Hut is thousand times better, after tking dinner at pizza hut, we walked and arrived at Jusco-shopping mall, we were lke walking around just t find the cinema, n finally we found the cinema x_x

The 5th day-Wednesday, my aunt had promised us t drop us at Jusco so we can go and watch movies.. :) we did, arriving at jusco, we directly headed t the cinema and choose which movie t watch.. We chose 2 movies, Wrath of the Titans and Mirror mirror, both of them were pretty nice.. So we spent the WHOLE day at Jaya Jusco, watching n eating.. :P

The 6th day-Thursday, we din go anywhere and stayed home, n HOW BORING IT WAS D: but we did spent time tgether, that's enough :)

The 7th day-Friday, since it was Good Friday, so my aunt can go t work at 10am, so she sent us t One Utama (again), we went t NewWay-karaoke, and how embarrassing that we can't communicate well w/ the staffs there x_x We tke our lunch there, n checked out at 1pm, so we went fr walk around, we were really observing everything there since we hve so much time :) and that was the most happiest day fr him (maybe) bcause i bought him (actually we were using OUR money, but since i'm the one who allow him t buy, then pretend that i'm the one who bought him :P) a nike-mercurial-football-shoes LOL, and he was damn happy.. :) after buying the shoes, we still had plenty of time, so we went t the cinema (again) t watch John Carter, i've watched John Carter b4 w/ my cousin, but since the movie is SUPER GREAT n he hven't watch yet, then i'm willing t pay fr the tickets.. :P n again, the movie was SUPER DUPER HYPER nice !!! :P

The 8th day-Saturday, in the morning i was having a tuition, so i went fr tuition and he was waiting fr me t come back (how romantic :P), so after that my aunt and he picked me at where i was having tuition n then my aunt sent us t Sunway Pyramid, i was planning t go fr ice-skating, but since we din prepare, so we din go fr it.. :( we walked fr lke hours there but nth t do, just went t shops w/out buying anything, but still, we spent time tgether.. :)

The 9th day-Sunday, it's bcause my aunt was too tired, so we din went t church, but after that we my aunt sent us t aquaria-KLCC, here we did took few picts, since he was super happy going t that plce.. :)

sorry fr some pics i frgt t rotate also sorry fr some blur picts (the fishes were moving).. x_x
guess wht, after that we went t cinema (again) t watch Titanic 3D, bcause it's the last day :(

then the nxt day he headed back t pontianak :( i sent him t the bus station and feels lke crying out loud begging him not t go home.. but i must let him go, he had accompanied me fr 9 days.. :(

that's all bout our moment tgether, gosh now i'm damn missing him :(
but wht can i do, i must wait  fr months t see him again..

here r few picts that we took when we hve nth t do.. :P

end of the post
GBU.. :)


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