Hello fellas..
going to post bout MY HOLIDAY !!! I'm super happy, though it's too short to be named holiday, but this time going back to my mom's hometown was really FUN, oh gosh, it's like getting fresh air from all the projects the teacher gave us..
show you some pics.. enjoy. *ps.sorry for my horrible camera.. .__.

That's our dog.. :) but it lives in KL at my grandma's house.. he's BIG.. :) named Louise..

The 3rd day, after attending the church service, we directly went to a mall named 1 U aka one utama. and then we went to a Japanese restaurant in 1U's hotel and the food was super duper delicious, the one in pink is my cousin, we called her Lam-lam (real name = woo yee ling), in the pics, we (me and my didi) kept forcing her to face the camera, but she din wanna face the camera.. D: finally when we were in the toilet I took one pic with Lam-lam.





It's the 4th day, for my parents, going to bookstore is a MUST every time we go back to KL, so we went to the bookstore and stayed there for about 2 hours, and for me going to STARBUCKS is a MUST every time we go back to KL, because here, in my city, there's no Starbucks.. :( and taking pictures with those Starbucks' drink is also a must, where I can show off, naaa, just kidding.. :) after that we (me and my didi) headed to Ieie SukChin's house, one of my mom's besties, you can see their picture up there.. :) and then we met her dog, named Pepper, he's TOTALLY CUTE !!! look at it's ears, it's huge LOL, it can fly using it's ears, LOL joking.. while waiting for my mom and dad picking us up at mall named Giza, me and my didi followed Ieie SukChin to a Japanese restaurant(again?) in Giza mall, just filling our stomach with lil bit sushi, rather than dying of hunger.. :| after filling our stomach, we waited for mum and dad to come, then when they arrived Giza, we all went to an Italian restaurant in Giza to have our dinner, OH my, it's totally delicious, I love every dishes I've tried there, it's TOTALLY delicious.. :)

Okay, let's skip for the 5th day, because we din do anything on the 5th day, I slept till around 12 o'clock, LOL, and then we watched a movie, bout ape, being smart like human, something like that, then we ate at the street's food, it's delicious too.. xD because everything there is delicious.. the next day, a.k.a the 6th day we went to FRI, it's like a mountain around St.Kepong, and got a waterfall too, so we spend our time whole morning playing water, but not me, I din go into the water, my brother and Lam-lam did, after that, we went home to bath, and take a rest for a few hours, and then we went to 1U (again) to take Lam-lam's spectacles and then we went to a restaurant name Pappa Rich, as it's written, it's Malaysian Delights, so we ate food from county to country, LOL, from Japan to Italia and back to Malaysian, LOL.. it's delicious too, we got 'Nasi Lemak' here, and then 'Curry Laksa' and many more.. :) after having our dinner, we rushed to a cosmetic store named 'Shu Uemura', there I got a photo shoot, because my Ieie is one of the costumer there, so they gave a free photo shoot, and there's some pics when I'm in the fitting room trying the dress to wear, if i'm free, I'll try to scan the result from the photo shoot, it's really creepy that no one knows me there, they think I'm not me in the result of the photo shoot, LOL..

The 6th day, also the last day at KL. :( we went to eat Korean food, I love it very much, all the spicy things are there.. :P we ate 'Kimchi Sige', 'Toboeki', and pancake, it's so special, because I love Korea a lot !!! :D oh yea, forgot to tell you bout the rabbit up there, it's our rabbit, but it's at our house in KL too.. :) after eating a lot of Korean food, suddenly my brother wanted to eat toast, because it's the last day at KL, so we decided to go to restaurant beside the Korean restaurant and we ordered toast, many many of toast, my brother ate a lot of toast.. D: oh yea, I almost forgot, how bout my BF ??? he stayed at Pontianak, Indonesia, LOL, we did skype, so no worry. :) here's some pic of our conversation.. :D

that's me and him in skype.. horrible.. .___.

Almost forgot mentioning Steven Cereva that helps me a lot for my blog's header..
thanks, he's very pro in editing.. :)
the header up there was made by him.. :)
thanks so much !!!

that's the end of the KL diary, I'm doing this things for days.. :D but it's for all of you my viewers.. :)
ciao, GBU..
*Special person onlee, I love you damned much.. :)


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