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Hey Felas..
How's life ???
Doing great ??? :D
The titles' written cousins, then the topic for today of course is cousins..
A lots of things to tell ya, and thinking that how idiot am I when I realize that I din take any pictures with my cousins, there is but it's Photobox, and remember that I have no scanner, so I can't scan and post it here..
I just can post some of my cousins photos that I stole from their Facebook.. :D PS. So sorry dears, I stole your photos. :P
I'll introduce them one by one, from the oldest one.. :D
His name's Peter, bigger than me lorh~ so it's my big bro, kind of super mature and I like it, lovely, gentleman, but unfortunately, he's single LOL, interested ??? LMAO.. @fhrax
Here're some photos of him.. :D

The second one is Jennifer Makaria, call her xinmei~ LOL she's cute, nice, beautiful, funny and TALL..
Oh my gosh, she's still 12, but gosh, she's terribly tall, taller than me, she mentions that she's about 170cm can you imagine how tall is that ??? One thing that I hate is standing beside her, it makes me realize that I'm super short.. T__T
She's the closest to me, I spend money for her, for the others, kind of forget to buy, LOL.. PS. sorry sis I just can buy you some bracelet..
She's the one that I mention recently on blog, click here to surf her blog @jennifermakaria
This is her.. :D

The third, Evelyn, call her xin ying~ she's Peter gege's lil sis, smaller than xin mei just view months if I'm not wrong, she's cute, tiny, beautiful, kind and KIDy, LOL she's kind of still lil kid, but have so much fun with her, when there's no body home, just two of us, we watch Final Destination, it's funny seeing her hiding behind me, LMAO @evelyntena

The last, James, James' xin mei lil bro, he has same age as my lil brother, I'm not close to him, I just know that he's cute, and CHUBBY, what I like from him is his laugh, it's kind of funny to hear him laughing when there's a joke we made.. :D (no twitter acc)

Well, the introduction ends there, what I know is I have so much FUN with them, watching movies and many more..
They're just a lil part of my family, I have 30 more cousins out there that I haven't introduce.. :D
End of the post, ciao.. Gbu..


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