The MUSIC is all around us..
All you have to do, is LISTEN

Hey hey hey..
1 last day for 2010.. :)
You must use it wisely !! :D

I'll tell you my plans..
At 31th Dec night, my father will drive us to Pemangkat, it's where my grandparents live, so I'll pass trough New Year's eve at Pemangkat.. :(
I can't pass along my BF.. :(
So sad..
And there's no internet there.. :(
Can't online for updating this blog
So I must say it first now..
"Happy New Year guys !!!"

This few days, I spend my time just for playing computer, cause there are nothing else to do..
But it's okay, I found a game titled It Girl on Facebook, and it's pretty exciting..
You guys must try lorh~ LOL..

This is picture of me and Nadia Callista.. :)
The one who split, is me..
And above me, she's Nadia Callista, My junior.. LOL..

Gotta tell ya somethin'..
I miss talking with him like usual.. :(
I miss him very much.. :(

My father's goin' to turn of the WiFi..
Special for him, I love you..

Again & again / 0 comments (+)

Heyhoow.. :)
Do you know what ??
For the 2nd time, I've watch Narnia Voyage on cinema, this time is with my family.. :)
Hahahahaha, after watching Narnia, I watched Tron Legacy with my belove one, as the picture up there.. :)
The movie's bout like programs, people as program in this movie.. :P
It's action, for those who love action, must watch this..
And I think it spends a lot of money for making that movie..

Hey guys, it's near the New Year o'redy..
3 days more.. :)
And 6 days more, I'll go to Singapore. xD
Can't wait for that..

And you know, this holiday is changed name become Boringday.
Nothing to do here, just waiting for him to come, but just if he comes, if not..
It'll be very BORING.. :)
Fortunately, I got internet, can do some blogging or chatting or checking facebook.. :D
Hey, he got a blog o'redy, you can check it by clicking this => Aji Gunawan.. :)

Upz, gtg guys..
Going to have breakfast.. :)
Special for him, I Love You.. :)

Great Quote.. /


Even if the trees becomes the pen
The seas becomes the ink
The land becomes the paper
It'll still never show
How much I Love You
And how much Jesus Loves you

Merry Christmas.. HOHOHOHO.. / 0 comments (+)

Merry Christmas Friends !! :)
I wish you a Happy Blessed Christmas.. :D

On the 23rd and 24th Dec, have you come ??
Did you saw me on the first of the show ?? :)
I dance, and it's success :D
I'm happy, hahahahahahahahahaha..

My cousin's back to Singapore o'redy.. :(
But on the 3rd January I'll visit 'em there, I can't wait to see 'em again.. :D

Hey, what did you guys get for the Christmas present ??
Especially from your bf or gf ??
Did you know what I get 1st from him ??
He asked me to open one box full of real frogs.. :'(
Before I finish opening the box, one li'l frog came out, so I scream and cry.. :'(
But then he gave me a dolphin doll that I always wanted.. :)
You're the best, Aji.. :)

Today, we when to orphanage..
I saw one of 'em named Yoshi if I'm not mistaken, she's defects one..
But she still can enjoy her life..
I was amazed for 'em, they can still sing and worship God although they're defect..
We must learn to thank God from 'em.. :)
These are some photos of them..

Later on, I'll try to upload my dancing videos and photos for you.. :)
Merry Christmas Friends !!!
And Happy New Year..
GBU.. :)
Special for him, thx and I Love You.. :)

Christmas present.. / 0 comments (+)

My gosh, my cousins are back now..
They're at Pontianak now.. :D
Then now I can spend my time with 'em..

By the way, I've already link Sophia Jiejie's blog.. :D
You can see it on the left side of my blog.. :)

Hey, I forgot to tell you, Aji's mum gave me a watch, it's very nice, I love it.. :)
It's brand is Bethoven, I haven't heard a Bethoven brand for a watch yet, but don't see from it's brand, but see who gave it to me.. :D
And my mom also buy me a Monol watch, and an original..
Kyaaaaaaa, and it's GREEN.. :)

I still can't upload photos for you.. :(
Cause the camera isn't mine.. :(
I always hoped to buy a camera, and next year, I wish I could buy one.. :)

And 3 days more, I'll get the most precious present in the world.. :)
Baby Jesus will be the present..
And it's Christmas ! :D
And you'll hear bells ringing

Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh

Upz, gtg..
I must prepare for the Christmas celebration tomorrow..
Special for him, I Love You..

Hey hey, how's life ??
Pretty great ha ?? :)

Sorry cause I haven't update my blog till today.. :)
I'm not in mood from 2 days ago, hahahaha..
Have you seen Photos down there ??
Interesting right ?? :)

And by the way, last Friday, I go sleep over Veronica's house, it's very FUN.. :D
We make a new recipe, and it's delicious.. :) next time we'll make it for you.. :D

And the next day, we go eat dim sum, and our stomach is like bursting already, we eat so full..
Hahahaha, later on I'll upload the photos, from Veronica's camera.. :)
We sleep over and go eat dim sum it's for farewell celebration for our dearest friend Nadia.. :'(
She's going to study at Australia.. :( Gonna miss her very much..

And now, we are all busy for CHRISTMAS.. :D
We practice dancing and singing, it's fun preparing all things for Christmas.. :)
Christmas is coming !! :D

O.o yeaah, I almost forgot to tell you that, I've bought MU T-shirt and a huge teddy bear for my dearest boyfriend for Christmas present, don't tell him what I've bought for him !! :)
It's a surprise.. :D

If you guys are in Pontianak, come to GKKB on 23rd and 24th of Dec, at 6am..
We have celebration there, you can come and see me dancing.. :)

All right, gtg then, my friend's coming to pick me up for the rehearsal for Christmas.. :D
and for him, I Love You..

Here are some photos that was taken yesterday when we went to Pondok Nelayan.. :)
1st photo = Philo gege and Sophia jiejie's daddy and my lil bro..
2nd photo = Philo gege, my lil bro and Philo gege's dad..
3rd photo = Philo gege and my lil bro
4th photo = Sophia jiejie and Philo gege
5th photo = Philo gege's daddy and his friends.

Here are some photos of my mummy..

Cousins !!!!! :) / 0 comments (+)
Hey Hey Guys.. :D
Meet my cousin, up there !! :)
They are beautiful and handsome right ?? xD Same as me.. xP LOL Kidding..

They are from Singapore, yesterday me, my friend, Veronica and my Family, went to the airport to pick 'em up.. :)
After that we go eat to Pondok Nelayan.. :) We are STARVING.. xD
These are the food we ate

It's very FUN being with 'em, cause I miss 'em very much.. :D

They're back to Pemangkat, where my grandparents are..
And today my grandpa is having a birthday, so I wish a Happy Birthday to you grandpa.. :D
Sorry I can go back there, cause I'm quite busy today.. :)
And this is for you Grandpa:
Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you..
Happy birthday to Grandpa, Happy birthday to you..

生日快乐, 生日快乐..
幸福, 健康, 生日快乐..
Hurraaaaayyy.. :)

Today I get my report at school, and I'm failed in one lesson.. :'(
It's Chemistry, I must try harder next semester.. :D

Hummppfftthh, I try to upload some pics of my most beautiful mom, but it's failed.. :(
Next time I'll upload it for you guys. :D

Gtg.. :)
Special for him, I love you.. :*

Watch, Eat, Get bored.. / 0 comments (+)

Have you watched this thing above ?? xD
It's Pretty good, you guys MUST watch !! :)

Yesterday, I planned to go to Nadia's house, for doin' some task there.
When I'm arrive, Nadia is shouting like 'Mega !! Boring !! Let's go mall'.
Then we've planned to watch movies, so I ask my Beloved one to bring me to buy tickets for us..

Hahaha, so at 7pm, we are inside studio 3 already, ready for the movie.. xD
And we finished the movie at 8pm and something, hahaha..

Hey, have you guys tried Tacoz ??
My Gosh, it's "Delicious Like Hell".. :D
You guys must try..
This are those TACOZ.. xP Yummy

And today, our school held a FAMILY DAY, there are many stand to sell drinks and foods..
It's sounds very FUN right ?? :D
But the fact, it is veeeerrryyyy boooooooooooorrriiinnngg~~ =="
It's so hot, and the performance was =="
And makes me sleep.. zzzzzz..

Hahahaha, forget bout that.. :)
Hey, hmmm, my mom is calling me, I think I gonna go now.. :)
Gbu all, for my beloved one, I love you :*

God's Family & Merry Christmas.. / 0 comments (+)

Hey guys..
I'm FREE now.. xD
Free from exams, o.o so happy. :P
Now it's time to sing
We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year..
And by the way, I'm baptized already !! :)
I'm one of GOD's Family now..
And i'm baptized by my own daddy.. :D
My dad is a Pastor.. xD
Yaiikkzz, later I'll upload my photo for you, when I got baptized.. :D

Merry Christmas to You all !!
And Happy New Year. :D
GBU all.. :D

CRASH !!! / 0 comments (+)
Hai hai again my dearest friends and my lovely bloggy.. :P
Todae, I've just finished my semesterall exams, it's like HEAVEN~ :D
I realize that my friends blog is all in ENGLISH.. ==" It's like shame on me using Indonesian language, so i try to prove my English through this bloggy.. :)
Although my English is like WORSE D: but i try my best to type this blog in English.. :D
Okay let's begin, like the dae yesterdae, i have promised you to tell story bout what went through..

This is really a BAD experiences.. :(
I crash when i was driving a motorbike, people who i collided with is an Muslim, when he fell, he shouted 'AULOWAKBAR'.. :(
Then he scolded me all the way..
I'm going to cry but i think it's better not to, so i ask him what to do, he just sat there with silence..
So i call my boyfriend and ask him to come quickly..
When he answered my phone with 'HALO', my tears went out and i cry till he came to the place where we are..
The first thing he do is, take out his wallet and ask how much we must pay him, then my bf pay him Rp 50.000, and the suck bapak just reply 'CUMAN SEGINI ?' that's mean 'JUST THIS', my gosh, if i didn't hit him, i will really call the police already..
He's very stubborn, and i hate him very much.. :'(
Till now, that guy is like bothering me so much, till i can't sleep, i can't do anything, cause there some feeling like i was really wrong cause of hitting that guy.. :(
Then i fell into his arm and cry out loud.. :P I love you babe.. :)
Sorry for making trouble.. :(
I will not do that again darling.. :(
Forgive me..

That's all the story i have for todae, sorry, i still can't upload any pics, cause of my card reader, gone somewhere.. D:
Cause of the accident yesterday, I've forgot many story that i wanna tell ya.. :(
Okay bye for today and see ya tomorrow.. :D
GBU always !! :P
Leave comments !!!!! xD
And for him, Love ya Beibh.. :)
OO yeah, i forgot, i got some pictures of my boyfriend, I'll show it to you, here it is.. :)
I know he's maybe not handsome enough for you, but for me, he's the best :) And i love him very much.. :D


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