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Hey guys, it's been a looonnng  time since the last post, hahaha.. I'm kinda miss u guys :">

I've been doin' a lot of thing since the last post till now, i've been going bck t Indonesia, n now i'm bck again in KL, Malaysia, doin' my stuff dat's STUDY.. oh my, but i feel better than b4, now i can enjoy my day, not lke b4, b4 sucks!!! LOL

So i've been going bck t Indonesia fr lke 1 month fr my Summer Holiday (yay), so it was around 23rd of June till 24th of July, i enjoy it a lot, i've been posting picts on instagram (megaleinlo <= follow me on insta) since i was very happy.. :D can't show u guys the picts btw, bcause there were a lot.

Then when i came bck t KL, i feel better, bcause i attended camp on 20th - 27th August, i've been waiting fr dat youth camp lke fr years.. It was extremely FUN!!! i must attend the nxt camp nxt year.. hahaha.. It's @ Indonesia, but not in my hometown, still, it's Indonesia, i fell so much FUN thr.. i love dat place, seems lke i'm on holiday at Genting, since the weather r great thr.. :D
Here r some picts of the camp n my day thr.. sorry, frgt t tell u, it was @ Malang city.. :) n sorry fr some "blur" picts.. :D enjoy

n Hey guys, i'm going bck t Indonesia @ 9th October fr a long term holiday, WOHOOOO~~ happy happy.. :D I knw, it is so fast lke i just tell u abt me going bck last June n knw i'm going bck AGAIN.. hahahaha..

dat's the end of the post tday..
c u in the nxt post
ciao :)


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